Cybersecurity Weekly News Roundup
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Cybersecurity Weekly News Roundup for last week of 20

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Cybersecurity Weekly News Roundup

By AMSAT Dec 04,2020

Cybersecurity Weekly News Roundup

The outgoing week has been one of discoveries: security researchers, by default or by design, came up with new malware and malicious NPM packages. On the other hand, news of a hacker selling passcodes for email accounts of scores of C-level executives also did the rounds across the cybersecurity landscape.


Here is a brief review of news that stood out in the cyberworld.


A threat actor sold passcodes for email accounts of hundreds of C-level executives


A cybercriminal sold access to the email accounts of hundreds of C-level executives at organizations across the globe.


Researchers discovered new malicious NPM packages installing remote access trojans


According to reports, cybersecurity researchers discovered new malicious NPM packages that install the njRAT remote access trojan, letting cybercriminals gain control over a computer.

Russian cyber-espionage group discovered new malware used in government attacks


ESET’s security experts found a new malware that Russian cyber-espionage group Turla has been using in carrying out attacks against governments.


New TrickBot version aimed to infect UEFI/BIOS firmware


TrickBot malware operators added a new capability that can let them interact with an infected computer’s BIOS or UEFI firmware. According to news reports, the new capability was spotted inside part of a new TrickBot module and was seen in the wild at the end of October.


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