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What is Botnet Attach? A brief overview of botnet

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A brief overview of botnet

By AMSAT Oct 13,2020

A brief overview of botnet

There are many threats that can compromise your online privacy and security. Botnet is one such threat; it can use our computer to send spam to millions of users on the internet.  Simply put, the botnet is an example of using good technologies for ulterior motives.


A botnet is merely a string of connected computers synchronized together to carry out tasks such as maintaining a chatroom, or taking control of your computer. Also known as the linchpins of the internet, botnets perform several repetitive tasks to keep websites up and running. While a number of botnets are absolutely legitimate that maintain a seamless user experience on the internet, some of them are illegal and harmful, and it’s important for you to be aware of them.


In most situations, botnets gain access to your computer through some piece of malicious coding. In a majority of cases, your system is directly hacked, while other times hacking is done automatically.

Why botnets are built

Botnets are designed to grow and expedite a threat actor’s capability to perpetrate large-scale attacks. One individual or even a small team of cybercriminals can only conduct a number of activities on their local devices. Nonetheless, with little cost and a bit of time invested, they can obtain a slew of additional systems to influence for more effectual operations.

How to prevent botnets

Most people who get hit by botnets have no idea that their computer’s security has become compromised. But some easy, simple precautions can prevent them falling into the trap of malicious botnets seeking to undermine you or your organization’s security.

There are a number of measures users can take to avoid botnet virus infection. Since bot infections typically spread through malware, most of these measures essentially focus on averting malware infections. Some of the recommended practices to prevent include:

  • Software patches: Users must keep all software updated with security fixes.
  • Vigilance: All kinds of activities that put users at risk of botnet infections or other malware must be avoided. This includes opening emails or messages, downloading attachments, or clicking links from unreliable or unknown sources.
  • Network baselining: It’s important to monitor network performance and activity so that anomalous network behavior is ostensible.
  • Anti-botnet tools: These tools provide botnet finding to enhance preemptive efforts by detecting and blocking bot viruses before infection takes place.


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